Individual transfer title PK/ …?

Individual transfer title, starting with PK/ … each of our client receives after the registration in The individual title of transfer consist numbers and your e-mail address that you have entered in the registration form. If you use the services of the platform it is as important as PESEL, as being anywhere in the world can you go along with the account number to someone in the family, a friend or a contractor, then the funds paid by that person automatically will be credited to your account in You will receive notification about incoming transfer in the form of text message on your mobile phone and e-mail. After empowering the account you can manage money in any way, making full or partial exchange of currency, transfer funds to  Polish or foreign account in the most convenient time for you. With a debit card for the currency account after transferring funds to this account, you can make the currency payment in cash abroad which is a very cost effective solution.



  • Oszczędności do 9% na wymianach
  • Wymiany walut online przez 24h/7 dni
  • Automatyczne rozksięgowanie środków

Więcej o to zaawansowana technologicznie, nowoczesna i bezpieczna platforma umożliwiająca wymianę walut przez Internet. Kupując np. 10 000 euro można oszczędzić nawet kilka tysięcy złotych.