How can I exchange money in

You can exchange money only being a registered user. To order an exchange you need to log on the platform and use “New exchange order”.

You indicate the currency pair to exchange eg. PLN/EUR or EUR/PLN, next you write the amount to exchange or tick „exchange all” and choose the rate – “best possible” or “own rate”.

If you care about time, the best option will be “the best available rate”, as then the order will be done automatically and currency bought will appear in your wallet in in couple of seconds.

While you order “own exchange rate” it may take time to end a transaction – couple of hours or longer.

After choosing currency pair and rate you accept making a new order by clicking “Accept” . In case of choosing the best possible rate clicking “Accept” means making immediate order (automatic) for exchange. If you choose “own rate” acceptance means that your order is waiting for realisation.



  • Oszczędności do 9% na wymianach
  • Wymiany walut online przez 24h/7 dni
  • Automatyczne rozksięgowanie środków

Więcej o to zaawansowana technologicznie, nowoczesna i bezpieczna platforma umożliwiająca wymianę walut przez Internet. Kupując np. 10 000 euro można oszczędzić nawet kilka tysięcy złotych.