What happens to my funds, when I forget to give individually transfer title PK/ …?

After registration in Pluskantor.pl each customer receives once and for all, assigned to your account Pluskantor.pl individual transfer title, starting with PK/ … composed of numbers, and e-mail left by you during registration. Individual transfer title PK/ … it is as important as .: PESEL, as being anywhere in the world and sending it along with the account number, eg .: a person of the family, the counterparty or a friend, funds deposited by that person will go immediately , in a fully automated way for your account in Pluskantor.pl. This important fact (the amount in Pluskantor.pl has been rised) you will receive on your mobile phone as a text message and by e-mail. After rising funds in the portfolio exchange can be done immediately, and then immediately withdraw in currency indicated  – Polish or foreign. If you have your debit card with the currency account ,by transferring funds to this account you will be able to make cash withdrawals at currency abroad, which provides high savings.

If you miss the individual title transfer, you money is safe however,you lengthen the time these funds appear in your account in Pluskantor.pl. Identification will not take place automatically, and the money will go to the so-called technical account until payment explanation.


Dlaczego Pluskantor.pl

  • Oszczędności do 9% na wymianach
  • Wymiany walut online przez 24h/7 dni
  • Automatyczne rozksięgowanie środków

Więcej o Pluskantor.pl?

Pluskantor.pl to zaawansowana technologicznie, nowoczesna i bezpieczna platforma umożliwiająca wymianę walut przez Internet. Kupując np. 10 000 euro można oszczędzić nawet kilka tysięcy złotych.