How long do transfers to and from wallet last?

The fastest incoming transfer are possible with banks integrated with – BZ WBK SA ( previous Kredyt Bank), PEKAO SA, PKO BP (previous Nordea Bank), mBank group (BRE Bank, mBank, MultiBank), Alior Bank (previous BPH SA) and Reiffeisen Polbank. Similarily with withdrawals. Funds should appear on these accounts in 30 minutes.

In mBank group the time is longer – it means from couple of hours to one working day and fees are: 6 zł for EUR, 10 zł for : CHF, GBP, RUB, USD.

In other banks (different from integrated) transfers in PLN last from 5 hours, currency transfers in EUR up to 1 working day, other currencies up to 3 working days.

For our customers , both business and individual ones we offer immediate transfers for EUR (Target system) enable for all the world transfers (Poland and abroad). Due to this, transfer in Euro from should appear after less then an hour on any account.



  • Oszczędności do 9% na wymianach
  • Wymiany walut online przez 24h/7 dni
  • Automatyczne rozksięgowanie środków

Więcej o to zaawansowana technologicznie, nowoczesna i bezpieczna platforma umożliwiająca wymianę walut przez Internet. Kupując np. 10 000 euro można oszczędzić nawet kilka tysięcy złotych.