How much does cost?

Maintaining account is completely free. From the completed transaction we charge a commission, only 0.2%. The amount of commission is charged on the amount you. Depending on the generated turnover during one month, fee may be lower than 0.2%.


The amount of commission depends on the monthly turnover on the account:


– Turnover up to 200 000 PLN: commission of 0.2%

– Turnover from 200 000 to 1 million PLN: commission of 0.15% (25% discount)

– Turnover from 1 million to 3 million PLN: commission of 0.1% (50% discount)

– Turnover of more than 3 million PLN: 0.08% commission (discount 60%)

Transfers to banks integrated with platform are free.

You do not pay for any payments or incoming transfers in PLN (all banks) to

Apart from partner banks to withdraw funds you pay EUR 5 zł, USD, GBP, CHF and RUB 9 zł in any case.

Within the group of mBank (BRE Bank, mBank, MiltiBank) there are fees for bank transfers: 5 zł for EUR and 10 zł for the currencies CHF, USD, GBP, RUB.

Please be aware that regardless of us at some banks receiving foreign transfer can be paid. Possible fee would be charged by the bank (we recommend to check on the bank to which you send the money).

The payment in currency –  CHF, USD, GBP and RUB to a different bank than Alior Bank (formerly BPH), Pekao SA, BZ WBK, PKO BP, mBank Group and Raiffeisen Polbank is a transfer with the date of transfer of D + 2. This is the cheapest transfer, and in this case transfer ordered e.g., 15:00. Monday should come into recipient’s account by the end of the second day after sending what in this case means Wednesday.

The payment in EUR to another bank than Alior Bank (formerly BPH), Pekao SA, BZ WBK (formerly Kredyt Bank), PKO BP (formerly Nordea Bank), a group of mBank (BRE Bank, mBank, MiltiBank) and Raiffeisen Polbank is carried out by bank transfer with the date of transfer of D + 1, which means the transfer carried out in the working day should be booked on the next day.



  • Oszczędności do 9% na wymianach
  • Wymiany walut online przez 24h/7 dni
  • Automatyczne rozksięgowanie środków

Więcej o to zaawansowana technologicznie, nowoczesna i bezpieczna platforma umożliwiająca wymianę walut przez Internet. Kupując np. 10 000 euro można oszczędzić nawet kilka tysięcy złotych.